Commercial Roof Cleaning: What Are We Missing ?

We are well aware of the importance of property roof maintenance. Several companies are promoting frequent or at least seasonal residential roof cleaning rather than DIY.

Hiring a professional is no doubt safer, cost and time-effective. However, when it comes to commercial roof maintenance, individuals do not have the same concern about it as their residential property.

Since commercial buildings are more in open areas, in comparison they are exposed to elements more than a residential property. Commercial buildings are heavily exposed to moisture as well as heat.

As a commercial building owner, it is extremely important to secure the building structural integrity. A damaged roof can be harmful to your employees as well as your bank account.

So, what important points do we miss about commercial roof cleaning? 

When it comes to commercial roof cleaning, there is little you can do about DIY. Commercial building roofs have a more expensive area and require professional help. One of the reasons why most commercial owners avoid it altogether. While saving money on cleaning you may be missing a lot of points.

We Forget the Weather Conditions:

Firstly, commercial roofs are constantly exposed to elements such as wind, rain, hail, sleet, snow and heat. Among these rain, hail, sleet and snow can fairly bring moisture to your roof which results in ponding, blistering or splitting and rusting of the roof, especially if the roofing is wood or metal.

Repair and Reputation Are Important: 

It shouldn’t be a surprise but a clean and maintained roof can help you spot dreading leaks and other kinds of potential repairs easily. If you call a professional to a messy roof it would certainly be embarrassing and delay work. Moreover, the overall look of the building can reflect your company’s reputation.

Are You Increasing Energy Consumption?

Commercial buildings consume a lot of energy and the amount is doubled when the roof is not clean and well maintained. Experts claim that a clean roof reflects sunlight away better helping with cooling bills and overall temperature in summer. Additionally, if you want to maintain the anti-heat properties of white roofs, the surface should remain free of dirt and debris.

Neglecting Employees Health:

Okay, so this one is highly important yet pays no heed! Moistures promote the growth of mould and algae. when these elements get their way through the HVAC system it affects the internal air quality.

Continuous exposure to the particles of mould and algae particles in the air are injurious to your employees’ health.

 The Frequency Of Cleaning: 

It’s only a matter of frequency that minor roof hotspots turn into crisis worthy situations.

Roof cleaning company experts share that the majority of commercial buildings seek professional help when things are totally out of hand, increasing the cost of labour as well as materials. Including roof cleaning as a part of annual maintenance is wrong. Commercial roof cleaning services should be acquired seasonally and more if the weather conditions are severe.

Delaying your roof cleaning only increases the potential damages to the roof.