Cladding: Techniques for Getting the Job Done

Cladding is a dual-purpose exterior finishing device that resembles a skin or an external non-load bearing sheet. Cladding companies help in protecting the property’s interiors from the environment, but it also adds a decorative and appealing aspect to the exterior. The right cladding keeps buildings weather-tight and saves money while also providing thermal insulation and reducing heat transfer inside. It also aids in the improvement of interior acoustics and lighting throughout the day.

The cladding will increase the building’s worth, resale value, and protection. As a result, effectively cladding the property is a smart move that yields both long- and short rewards. There are many more cladding companies on the market today than there have ever been. Finding the best option can take some time, but cladding is a perfect way to imprint your own personal style on a home when used creatively and intelligently by the cladding company.

What is the purpose of cladding?

Any building’s exterior cladding can help the structure tolerate adverse effects in a variety of ways, such as:

Maintaining the internal heat load condition thus providing thermal insulation to the \external facade. To get an auditory shield between the building and the crowded city outside.

To guard against the effects of the atmosphere, such as temperature (internal or external), snow, air, rainfall, dust, and so on.

Cladding once was considered a form of decorative art, but it has now evolved with the increasing number of cladding companies, the cladding installation has become a necessity. Now there are many options for cladding, such as stone, ceramic, vinyl, brick, and wood, and there are many cladding companies available in India.

What are the ways to get it done?

  1. To get cladding installed on your home, you must first contact the cladding company, who will then send local cladding installers to your property to complete the work. The cladding company’s mission is to show you all of the different styles of cladding materials available so that you can get the best job done on your home; rest is the job of the cladding company to see through it.
  2. You can hire some small level cladding installer nearby you and get it installed directly by the cladding installers instead of contacting the cladding company.

Types of cladding installations

Infill system– Since the metallic frame is visible in this situation; the infill framework is easier to distinguish from other systems. The cladding panels are installed between the structural frame’s columns, extending from one slab floor to the next.

Attached system While using the attached system, the amount of time spent on-site can be reduced and make the building process even simpler. Aside from that, the connected structure shields the external wall and protects the building structure from the impact of shifting climate.

Curtain wall system – The curtain wall system’s material is usually light, which gives it an edge during processing and installation. In addition, for the design and manufacture of panels the cladding companies use a standard variety of materials, and a system is developed.