Ceramic Tile Applications in Your Home

There are several applications for ceramic tile in your home because it is a material that is so adaptable. It is the ideal choice for your next remodeling project, whether you are using it for cosmetic purposes, like a bar wall or backsplash, or for functional uses, like an entryway or shower floor. As it can mimic other materials and comes in various colors and sizes, ceramic might be the wisest choice right now. You can also stay within your budget and still choose something that will be there for years when it comes to ceramic. Check out a few of the several ways you may use ceramic tile in your interior design.

Bar section

Your home’s bar area can be the ideal spot to include a little elegance. You can choose tiles that are the right size for this cramped area and go well with the exposed shelving and warm wooden bar top. After a long day, anyone would want to return home to a lovely home bar.

Backsplash in the kitchen

Since the kitchen is the center of the house, tile is more frequently seen there. You can see how crucial scale is in selecting the appropriate tile size when you go out to select your tiles. As ceramic is easy to maintain, kitchen backsplash is one of the best places for ceramics.


The bathroom can really turn into a fantastic place if it is decorated and maintained properly. A gorgeous bathroom wall with a textured backdrop for the sleek ceramic sink and contemporary accessories can make wonderful impressions. Amazing bathroom designs can give you the impression that you are living in luxury.

Floor of the shower

The shower floor is another frequent place in the bathroom where we lay tile. As ceramic does not absorb moisture, it is perfect for this place. Everyone should also consider the point of non slippery floor tiles (กระเบื้องกันลื่น, term in Thai) as slip and fall accidents in the bathrooms are more than common. A house with kids and older people especially requires extra attention. Ceramic tiles can add not only to the decoration but they can play a functional role as well. As it comes without the risk of mold and odor, ceramic can be the perfect material for your shower floor.

Island kitchen

Kitchen islands are a great place to add a splash of color, but they are frequently missed. Properly matching your island tiles with the rest of your kitchen can give it a real revamp.

Port of entry

There is nothing more exquisite and hospitable than using beautiful tiles to greet guests in your house. Combining patterns and colors can be very welcoming without being overpowering. Think of unique ceramic tile as the replacement for the welcome mat.

The mudroom

The mudroom is one of the areas in the house that gets less attention, but having a tiled entryway may improve your house. Ceramic tiles are a great material for your mudroom floor because they are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Choose a timeless design that is made to last and create a welcoming space.