Blinds Are Good For Business

Commercial blinds for the business sector are more than an aesthetically pleasing addition to a property. While modern blinds do add a lot of style and class to any business operation, especially one where a lot of clients visit the premises, they deliver many more benefits as well. Those advantages have as much to do with personal comfort as they do with boosting the bottom line.

  • Superior heat retention. Recent studies in a variety of businesses prove that commercial blinds provide exceptional heat retention by insulating windows and reducing heat loss by as much as 58%. This is a natural way to warm a larger space in winter without the high power bills associated with heating.
  • Reduced energy bills in summer. As well as keeping commercial premises naturally warm in winter, blinds can keep things cool in summer. Tests have shown that commercial blinds markedly reduce the output required by air conditioning units and are an effective way to overcome the issue of heat gain without resorting to expensive and artificial cooling methods.
  • Enhanced security. When installed by professionals, commercial blinds fit tightly against the window frame. When closed at night (or outside business hours) this makes it virtually impossible to see stock and equipment inside the premises. With these things out of sight, the temptation a potential intruder feels is greatly diminished, if not eliminated altogether.
  • Significant glare reduction. Blinds are by far the best way to reduce glare in an office or presentation room. Being able to control the light to this extent makes it easier to see computer monitors while protecting employees, clients, furniture and electronic equipment from harmful UV rays. This also helps to show off products in their best light – excuse the pun.
  • Improved morale and increased productivity. By creating a better working environment, where temperatures are comfortable year-round, where glare isn’t an issue, and where privacy and security are maximised, then morale improves and productivity increases. This is reflected in the bottom line.

This New Zealand supplier and installer of commercial blinds says that their clients are often pleasantly surprised at the wide range of benefits provided by commercial blinds. While modern blinds are highly stylish and very much in vogue all over the world, they deliver advantages that go well beyond undoubted visual appeal. It’s well known that a business brand is bolstered by anything that is aesthetically pleasing, yet commercial blinds also bring with them a range of practical features that makes them the window covering of choice for savvy business people in New Zealand and around the world.