Blinds and Shades – All Your Questions Replied!

Blinds and shades are used for almost the same purpose; however they both may be different in many ways. There are manufacturers offering shades and blinds in various designs to suit the individual need. While there are many designs to look for, roller blinds Melbourne Victoria are quite popular due to their beautiful design that uplifts your interior. If you have confusion regarding selection between blinds and shades then here are the answers to all your questions.

Design – Blinds and shades differ in their design. Blinds are made of hard horizontal slates that can be moved in order to open and shut the same. Indoor roller blinds Melbourne are made of good quality horizontal slates that come in various color and design. Shades are made of single or multiple fabric pieces.

Light Control – Shades offer lower light control compared to the blinds. Blinds can restrict light fully if properly closed. It offers complete privacy as well. Shades on other hand can be made from blackout fabrics to offer full coverage against light.

Cleaning and Maintenance – Cleaning and maintenance is difficult for blinds as compared to the shades. Due to multiple slates, it is difficult to clean blinds but the material is good for stain removal. Whereas cleaning of shade is easy but the fabric may not be good for stains.

Heat Control – Both blinds and shades can keep heat and sunlight at bay. Material used for manufacturing blinds has better insulating effect as compared to the fabric used for shades. Advantage of roller blinds is that they offer insulation during both winter and summer. These blinds keep the heat locked inside during winter, while it stops the outside heat from entering the room during summers.

Installation Cost – Cost of installation plays a major role in selection of blinds and shades. Installation cost of shades is much higher as compared to the installation cost of blinds as the installation for blinds is more standard as compared to the shades.

Apart from above mentioned factors, blinds and shades may differ in terms of durability and cost too. Make the right choices based on your budget and interior needs to have the best for your home and office.