Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

 Tips for Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms, perhaps more than kitchens, are the most popular remodelling projects among homeowners, as the area is smaller; the job is a little easier. Plus, because there is less room, there are fewer costs: less carpeting and paint, fewer cabinets, and fewer countertops. To make your bathroom redesign more appealing while keeping the process smooth, fast, and cost-effective, follow these ideas.

 Do a reiki of your bathroom. This will help you find any hidden or prominent problem areas and other areas in the bathroom that you would like to fix and transform. This way you can save time and also get a clear-cut picture of what you are exactly looking for. Doing so can also help your plumbing partner understand the timeframe, budget and materials required to make your dream bathroom a reality.

Collect pictorial references. Images can help greatly when you are looking to customise your bathroom yourself or by hiring a plumbing partner. This will also give you and the plumber a visual reference to follow in terms of design and help both parties execute the project with utmost precision.

Choose the right fixtures and materials. Selecting the ideal bathroom fixtures and materials can be a little tricky and taxing when you are unaware of what you want. Doing a bit of research on fixtures and materials that compliment your style preference, home and are of great quality, can help you and your renovations solutions provider avoid wasting time and exceeding your bathroom renovation budget.

Create a bathroom floor plan. Designing a bathroom floor plan can help you execute your bathroom renovation seamlessly. You and your plumbing or construction partner can refer to the same blueprint to ensure all elements have been covered according to your preference and style concisely.

Research before hiring a renovation solutions provider. This step is extremely pivotal in making or breaking your kitchen renovations Melbourne eastern suburbs, as this will define the outcome and standard of the work quality you are looking for in your home.  

 Tips for Kitchen Renovations 

The kitchen is the heart of any home. A beautiful backsplash and cabinets aren’t the only things that make a kitchen beautiful. When planning your kitchen makeover, keep these helpful hints in mind to create a space that is both useful and enjoyable.

Observe your kitchen properly to understand the problem areas or which areas of your kitchen are in dire need of a makeover. Doing this before you start planning your renovation can help you execute the renovation plans easily.

Determine Your Kitchen Island’s Function. Form and functionality are key when it comes to kitchen islands. If you entertain your family and guests in the kitchen then, it would be ideal to opt for a fully functional and spacious kitchen island so you can host guests and also use your kitchen comfortably when you are hosting dinner or lunch parties. Also, make sure there is enough distance between the cooktop and the dining area.


Consider your materials and budget. Ensure all your design needs are met while planning. This will avoid budget breaches, missing deadlines and saves both parties time and energy.

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