Ask These Questions While Getting Your Commercial Roof Inspected

While buying or selling any commercial building, the present condition of the roof is very important. The roof of any commercial building is a major business asset together with all other parts of the building.

Therefore, you must get your roof inspected by a knowledgeable and reputed commercial roofing MN expert from A to Z Construction who will exactly know what he should look for. Therefore, you must ask him the following few questions when he makes a preliminary inspection of the commercial roof.

  • Is the present roof drainage system acceptable for anticipated conditions?

The available drainage system of the roof will determine whether there will be water pooling on the roof after heavy rain. So, it is important to know the status of the present drainage system.

  • What do the present roof conditions reveal, how it has so far been maintained?

The maintenance condition of the roof will reveal the life of the roof that is something very important to know before the deal.

  • Whether the roof has undergone any repair, and if so, then why the repair was needed?

If the roof has already undergone too much repair in the past then in future too it may need repair or even replacement.

  • What is the present condition of the roof plane that forms its surface?

If the flatness of the roof is poorly maintained then there will be more chances of water pooling after the rain and that may also cause roof leakage problems too.

  • What is the present condition of roof flashing?

Flashing of the roof is considered a very important roof part and also WBS (Weather Barrier system) that must always be in very good condition.

  • What is the present condition of the roof’s architectural sheet metal?

While the metallic panels are very durable, but the spaces around the screws may expand or contract due to variations in the temperature. Therefore, assessing the present condition of the sheet metal will reveal the status of the points of attachment.

  • How old the roof is?

The life of most commercial roofs is anything between 20 to 30 years. Therefore, before making the deal it will be good to know how old the roof is.

  • What type of materials was used for roofing?

The amount of maintenance required in the future will be decided by what type of materials has been used for the roof. Hence it will be an important thing to know.

  • When the roof needs replacement?

Roof replacement is always a very big investment and hence knowing this data will be very important so that one can get leverage for negotiating the price

  • Which areas need more focus on the roof?

It will be good to know beforehand the weakest area of the roof so that the same can be taken care of.

These days there are many roof inspection experts are present in the market, however, a well-experienced inspector will offer solution for many of your long-term concerns.