Appliance Repair in Edmonton: How To Treat Your Technicians

Appliance repair Edmonton technicians by far are some of the most patient people on the planet. They work a lot, and sometimes charge less than what they deserve. At times they do give out free advice that works. 

But appliance repair is a demanding job. It juggles training, good customer service and problem solving. You can actually help your technicians by observing these basic social etiquette.

  • Please don’t try to repair the thing yourself if you don’t know what you are doing

One repairman jokes: at one visit, he found the whole appliance on the floor, with its parts meticulously dismantled the same way the manual labeled its parts. Wonder if he found it hilarious at that time.

  • Please don’t give advice unless you’re a repairman yourself. 

Appliance repair is a course taken in at least three years of apprenticeship, on the job training, and initial training. He knows what he’s doing. Sometimes though, due to the ever changing models of the present appliances, it’s impossible to know every single detail. Trust him anyway. Whenever you feel the need to, word your suggestions respectably. 

  • Please haggle the payment with his manager, not him

He’s just here to do his job and he wants to do it without distractions. Tips are not mandatory but it sure is welcome. Any conflict with how much he should charge you, should be opened up with his manager. Unless he’s the owner himself, then please refrain from making offers.


  • Please give him room to fix the appliance. 


The children, pets and other things should not be in the same room or space. Empty the dryer, washer or gas stove before he arrives. As much as possible, describe the problem in detail so he’ll know what to bring. At any rate, you can do FaceTime or video calls if the detailing needs more visual clues.

Plus, ready your warranty if still usable. 

  1. Please do not smoke near appliances and during repairs. It’s not just for health purposes. Working with appliances means he is working with flammable oils, fumes and the like. An explosion is a very real risk. Plus, the smoke and the ash sticks to the appliance making cleaning a longer chore than necessary (and it will definitely add to your bill!)
  2. Please be patient. Give him or the company enough room to resolve anything before posting complaints on social media. Like any other business establishment, he and the company he works for has worked hard to build a good relationship with the clients. 

Training on new models is being held every year, and the owner spends money to make sure the team performance is up to date. Senior technicians have apprentices shadow and work as assistants for three years. Sadly, it takes only one triggered post to lose customers.  Understand also that the newbie isn’t at par with the old favorite. Be patient and be kind.

It is always a good thing to be prepared for a service visit from your appliance repair in Edmonton technician. Treating them well and by observing these basic social etiquette must be one of your preparations.