A small review of serge mouille lamp

The serge mouille lamp is designed by the serge mouille in the year of 1950, where the lamp is designed in such a way as like the insect structure and angular model. The first design of this lamp is of three arm ceiling lamp which is designed in 1958 where it is of hanging interpretation and it is also available in three arm floor design. This serge mouille lamp maintains the sculptural aesthetic, original kinetic and provides the convenient lighting feature to the rooms. Compared to other lights the serge mouille lighting solutions featured with the hallmark signatures as a designer, washer, way thee arms are joined to the diffusers, reflectors, refined lines of the steel tubing and six sided screw hardware. The three arm serge mouille designed lamp rotates in the various directions so the lighting effect will be scatter all over the room so you can feel the light effect at every corner.

Unique design model of the serge mouille lamp

The serge mouille lamp is available at different designs and models where each model of the lamp is used for different purpose and offers different kinds of features to the user. Some of the unique design models of the serge mouille lamp are.

  • Vintage pendant lamp
  • Diamond cage pendant metal lamp
  • Serge mouille wall sconce
  • Rattan pendant light
  • Coil ceiling pendant light
  • Chiswick glass wall light
  • Ceramic wall pendant lamp

Apart from the above models of the serge mouille lamp there are also wide range of different products are out in the market which you can choose for your home to make your home interior design to look beautiful one. These lamps are popular one and widely preferred by huge number of people who wish to have a best and high class home interior design. Moreover these lamps are available at all affordable prices and it gives a beautiful and gorgeous look to your home.