A Real Estate Website’s Must-Have Features

The Short Sale Process for the Real Estate Agent
The Short Sale Process for the Real Estate Agent

Aside from that, the platform’s backbone is made up of a list of basic real estate site functionality. The following list of real estate website features contains the key components needed to create a real estate website:

Access to multiple listing services

Users should be able to access MLS data through a good real estate agent website. MLSs enable sellers and property owners to make their property available and accessible to numerous agents by acting as local directories of properties for sale. MLS incorporation links a real estate agent’s website to the nearby MLS database.The downside of this form of integration is that access is not limited, considering the fact that the whole process is handled and configured in a transparent and user-friendly manner. The Internet Data Exchange (IDX) allows you to pull listing data from multiple listing services (MLSs) and embed it into your website.

Check in real time

Property and leasing searches in real estate must produce satisfactory results. You must provide users with a robust collection of search filters in order for this to happen:Price, house style, number of bedrooms, utilities, services, year of construction, and more are all factors to consider when listing a property. A special tool would allow users to map out specific search limits in order to capture the neighborhood in which they want to locate a house.

A reasonable number of photos for each real estate asset

While intuitive navigation and responsive architecture ensure a positive user experience for the website’s users, a site’s quality is determined by the number of deals closed with its assistance. However, prospective owners or renters must first show interest. Professional-looking property pictures pique people’s attention.Relevant and high-resolution photographs speak for themselves, so it’s a smart practice to establish strict scale, shape, and resolution standards for photos on your website. You can also checkout idx broker platinum.

Excursions through video or virtual reality

A tour inside a preferred home will show much more details about a real estate asset than the most detailed and high-quality collection of photographs. A video tour is a wonderful option, but Augmented and Virtual Reality technology, on the other hand, will provide users with general but detailed knowledge about exterior and interior modeling.

Texting and messaging

A buyer must explicitly express his or her preferences in order to choose the ideal location, while sellers and real estate brokers must properly respond to these inquiries. As a consequence, an interactive communications tool can be helpful to all. It can be a live chat, which is the quickest way to get feedback, or a system for contacting property owners or realtors through direct text, audio, or video messaging.

Advanced features of a real estate website

If basic features form the foundation of a powerful, search-engine-friendly website that is simple to find and use on the Internet, advanced features of a real estate web portal include additional options for improving the user experience.

A comprehensive list

Prospective renters or investors like to learn as best as they can about the properties that appear in search results. As a result, you must ensure that such options for displaying this information on your website exist. Breaking down and color-coding neighborhoods in the area, for example, and showing whether they are poor, really bad, neutral, decent, or fantastic, provides a better view of where the property is located. This functionality allows users to see the effects of gathering a large amount of data, such as trends, crime rate, real estate median price, and more, while only realtors had access to this information 15 years ago.


By connecting a calendar tool to your real estate site, users would be able to verify the availability of real estate agents and plan meetings to look at properties. Until they are barred from doing so, property owners, realtors, and clients may access the schedule, display, and delete event information in this manner. Furthermore, for added ease, you can allow user-profile compatibility with external sources such as Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. You can also checkout idx broker platinum.