A Brief Purchase Guide For Remote Door Automation

As with the increasing number of thefts worldwide, it has become essential for you to stay around safe and keep your home safe from any crimes. But with the advancement in technology and the progressive inventions in IoT, everything is getting more secured through automation and giving authorization to the right people. And today will discuss an electric remote door (รีโมท ประตู รั้ว, which is the term in Thai) that can increase security and make you operate it from anywhere.

With the automation of your entrance gate, you will be comforted since you will not open the door manually, and it will provide security as you are the only one who can control the door.

There are many factors that you will need to consider while choosing a suitable one for your requirement.

Types Of Gates Based On The Frequency Of Usage:

  1. Swing Gates
  2. Slider Gates
  3. Lift Gates

Swing gates are ideal for residential and for businesses as well. You can have a choice between two or single panels. It requires a lot of space as it has to open to its full length. These get mostly installed on residential areas due to their wear and strain on gates. It is less secure than a sliding one because of the low resistance when pushed.

Slider gates are suitable for commercial purposes and space constraint places. Or you have inclined driveway sliders that work far more efficiently than swing one as they can work at any angle. A sliding gate can cost you a little bit more than the swing gates but comes in a variety of different styles and designs.

Lift Gates are ideal for small spaces as it can ride up and down and gets used if we have limited space at the entrance. These are some perfect solutions for commercial parking, residences in urban areas.

You can choose any of the above depending on the factors like space, requirement, budget, and others to purchase.

Remote Entry:

The remote door opens and closes with the operating system in your remote that controls the function. When pressed the button, the receiver receives the signal and performs the required operation. These can be ideal for both commercial and residential spaces.

If you’re still not sure which one to choose from the above, you can always take the expert’s advice to take an inspection of your house and suggest the most suitable one for your home or the commercial space.