5 Most Popular Metal Roofing Colours


Adding exotic colors to your roof makes it look more elegant, stylish, and increases the overall curb appeal of your house. Besides improving the look, it also makes your home energy-efficient and helps you to save hundreds of dollars on maintenance costs. 

Moreover, putting colors on your metal roofing in Strathroy makes it versatile along with improving the longevity of your roof. 

However, many homeowners become stressed in picking the right color for their roof. Though you will see various colors that are available for your disposal, most commonly the colors that are used commonly are listed below. 

Bright Red

Using bright red as your color choice for metal roofing in Strathroy is a great way to provide your roof modern European look. Moreover, the red color goes well with the color of your exterior walls. Choosing the red color for your roofing can help to make your make home energy-efficient and lower your utility bills. This means that it enables you to use that money in other valuable investments. 

Natural Colors

Including natural colors such as copper and zinc can help to improve the overall look of your metal roofing in Strathroy. Further, painting your roof with natural colors can make it look shiny and stylish. Moreover, natural colors work excellently with every type of exterior paintings. Further, it makes your residential building stand out from the rest of the buildings in your neighborhood. But one thing you need to keep in mind that natural colors are on the expensive side. 


Gray is the most common color for your metal roofing in Strathroy. Though this color sounds simple, it is one of those color choices that will allow you to choose a variety of options in your hand. Moreover, gray color also offers many design options that you install for your roof. Apart from improving the aesthetical looks of your roof, it can mix with color shades easily. This means you have less to worry about how it will fit with the color of your shingles, exterior color, and so on.

Dark Brown

This is one of the most popular choices among homeowners. This is because this color is simple, meaning it will offer a classic look to your building. Besides this, a dark brown color is an excellent option if you have steel roofing or aluminium roofing for your house. 

Apart from this, picking the dark brown color for your metal roofing in Strathroy will allow you to choose a variety of design options that can help to make your roof more stylish and sleek. 


How can we leave the green color behind as this color ranks top among the builders, architects, and construction traders? You might have seen that green is the only color that is used in ecclesiastical and many heritage buildings. This will be a good bet if you have already made your choice.