5 Methods To Pinpoint If Your Windows Are Leaking

Windows can quickly get damaged and start leaking. Therefore, it is vital to keep an eye out for window leaks to prevent future issues. You should get the leaks and damages repaired as soon as you notice them. It will help in protecting the elements and save energy.

But how do you check for window leaks? How do you keep an eye on them and pinpoint when they are leaking? Read more to know the answers.

Inspect your windows often

It would help if you inspected your windows regularly to identify the issues then and there. But, while you are at it, do not leave out windows you can’t reach or those you don’t open often. Those are the important places that require more attention. Here are five methods to quickly check for leaks in your windows.

Close all windows

The first way to check if your windows are closing properly. To do so, you must do the obvious, close the windows. Closing all your windows makes it easier to check for gaps or cracks. You can also lock them to get them tightly closed and can check for airflow or cracks quickly and accurately.

Off all fans and air conditioners

The second easy way to get this done is to switch off your home’s furnace, fans, and air conditioners. When you slow down the air movement that comes in artificially, you can quickly sense the air that flows through the windows if there are any leaks. But make sure that all the fans are switched off, and the airflow is pretty still at your home. This helps you to get the most accurate results.

Check for lights and obvious cracks

Walk around the windows slowly, and you can point out if there are any cracks. To do it better, switch off all the lights at home and check if any daylight flows in through the sides or bottoms of the window. You can quickly figure out the gap.

Do a candle test

The candle test is an interesting one. Start by lighting a candle and holding it steadily. You can use those long candles for a better grip. You can take the candle near the edges of the window and do so slowly so that the flame does not get off in a fast motion. You can move it through all possible gaps and sashes to know if there is a leaky window. If your flame flickers or goes off, there are chances your window is leaky.

Use a thermal camera

If you find these methods futile, you can rent a thermal camera that detects energy leaks in the windows. You can find it in the local hardware shop and can use it to even check energy leaks in ductwork and roof.

Bottom Line

Windows and doors need your constant inspection. You will have to keep checking for damages and leaks as they are the significant sources of such issues at home. You can use the above methods to check for leaks in windows and doors. Ensure that you get them repaired as soon as possible.