4 Types of Carpets you could consider buying while revamping your home interior

Living room is the heart of the house. This is the place where the family gathers at least once a day to laugh, talk and watch TV. If you are thinking about buying carpets for living room, you need to consider a lot of things. Since the living room is the place with the most significant foot traffic, the ideal carpets for the living room should be able to withstand heavy foot traffic, food crumbs, pet paws and furs, and even endless vacuuming.

Because the living room is the heaviest room of the house, your carpet should be highly durable. You can determine the carpet’s durability by bending the sample backward. If the carpet doesn’t bend easily, you can go for it because carpets that bend easily are of low quality. However, there are four ideal carpets for the living room which you can invest in, such:

  1. Nylon carpets: Nylon is the most chosen fabric for a carpet because they are highly durable and water-resistant. If you are often worried about staining, you can dump all your worries because this carpet is stain-resistant. Also, buying a nylon carpet for the living room in darker shades will be an ideal choice if you have kids and pets in the house.
  2. Olefin carpets: Though not as durable as nylon, olefin carpets also offer stain-resistant features, which you must consider when buying carpets for the living room. The best part about these carpets is that they don’t easily fade under the sun, meaning if you keep them out to dry after a good wash, you don’t have to bother about the colour withering away. In addition, the carpet is soft and affordable, which is the best part about buying them.
  3. Polyester carpets: If you want a soft carpet, the polyester carpets are an ideal choice because they almost feel like feathers under your feet. The best part about buying a polyester carpet is that you will get a plethora of colour options than any other fabric.
  4. Triexta: These carpets provide softness and anti-stain properties, which is a bonus if you have a lot of spillage in your living room, considering you have kids and pets.

Things to consider when buying carpets for the living room:

  1. Colour of the carpet: If your house is small, choose light-coloured carpets because they will create an illusion of ample space. But if you have kids and pets, it’s wise to stick to darker shades that can easily hide the stains.
  2. Cleaning aspects: Carpets that are easy to clean should be your top priority when buying a carpet.
  3. Construction of the carpet: Carpet construction or how the carpet is cut and layered will make your space different. So check out the pile types and style types when buying carpets for the living room.

If you want to upgrade your house at a minimal cost, you can buy carpets for your living room, bedroom, and bathroom per your home’s overall decor and theme.